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Playing brawlstars more then clash... state of clash start of 2019

killerkiller Posts: 1,095Member
While I’m playing brawlstars more, here’s the thing, I think Clash is a better game. But its flaws are just growing more tiresome over time. Maybe for me its dying. Nothing new here but the reasons...
(1) the P2w ladder model has always been annoying to me, that level of annoyance just builds over time. While one could say I should be proud if I’m battling people with higher leveled cards on average as it means I’m better, in reality it doesn’t. I have always took issue that SC can’t monetize a game where people just battle on equal ground (without having to play tourneys or challenges). When I lose to someone with higher leveled cards there is no respect for opponents. Its more annoying to lose to a bad player who wins only by virtue of card levels. As I do better in the game, this only gets worse because the opponents often don’t get better, just the disparity in card levels gets greater.
(2) card balances- imo SC is slow and seemingly ignorant to where balances are needed. Also, the focus on balances for high level players really often ignores what might be needed for the larger playing masses. And the meta remains stale for soooo long. For instance... Pekkas have been overplayed for months now. In the midrange MK decks are way overplayed. (According to stats royale they are nearly 1 in 4 decks in arena 11.). 3M decks have have had some of the highest winrates for probably over a year. Even rumham supposedly acknowledged the 3m issue but instead of fixing it we get a buff to valk which was perfectly fine imo (I use her in one if my decks... didn’t need attention).
(3) the stale meta- somewhat repetitive to points made above, but due to a multitude of factors (too expensive and slow to change decks, drone like cut and paste community, card balance issues, etc) it seems like we play the same handful of decks for months and months on end. In my lower account (low 4k) in a glance at battlelog you could almost think the game was built around MK, pekkas and hogs as 70-80% of all decks have 1 or more of those three cards. (And again, the balance changes do nothing to change this)

Due to the above, I find myself sometimes starting a match and then quitting when its the same deck again, or the opponent has an advantage where half their deck is 2 lvls higher then mine. Then I find myself brawling (which suffers from the same annoying leveling issues but at least its fresh)

By the way.,, I can only assume The community must share similar feelings. I say this because this forum is slower. Balance changes were announced 4 days ago and no one commented. I take this as a sign of dwindling interest.

Perhaps its good that brawlstars is there to divert focus from clash for awhile.
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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,095Member
    I wanted to add.,, the area just above 4k which I call the toilet is just terrible. The massive buildup of garbage overleveled players who don’t go anywhere. My account with 10s and 11s regularly battles players with 12s and 13s... sorry, its just not fun. This has always been terrible. Many have said in the past there isn’t much reason to play past 4k... this is understandable as progress is slow and you have the greatest disparity in card levels in this area. I often battle similar card levels with my upper account at 4600 as my lower level account does at 4100. And this is also due in part to SC screwing up the rarity issue with ebarbs and RGs years ago and never fixing it. Now, you have armies of terrible ebarb players with their maxxed cards battling people with cards 2-3 levels lower. Its just tiresome.
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  • JAMJAM64JAMJAM64 Posts: 12Member
    honestly I still love clash royale just as much as I always have, as a f2p at 4300 and when i was in goblin arena in the first few months of release. But i do think that brawl is taking away from clash. Im from canada so I was able to play brawl about a year and a half ago when it just came out, (before global release) and I enjoyed the old brawl stars a lot more. Imo they ruined the game with the new aiming system and making it landscape format, plus changing the progression system and upgrade system. I could go on and on. Anyways, I just hope that clash royale does something to bring back its players and hopefully people can realize that it truly is a better game than brawl stars.

    just my opinion
  • JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 1,896Member
    Brawl Stars is the novelty. Because of that, it looks way better the first weeks you play it. Once you have been playing more tan that yu realice is not as good as you though
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  • natemymatenatemymate Posts: 11Member
    You my friend make a great point, me personally I play brawl but think it is not a good game at all will not be pushing in it not worth the hassle. Recent card balances fixed nothing in my opinion not enough of a change on anything they should focus on 3 cards every two weeks rather than the 6 a month that way if they over compensate they can fix it quickly, the way they are doing it you can wait 3 months for them to fix a mistake
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