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FINALLYY !!! Clash Royale War manager RISE YOUR CLAN NOW


Hey everyone! am so Glad to introduce to you all the best application to manage your clan . it's pretty easy and very useful to clash royale players. it took like 2 months of hard work and nights without sleep to create this application and i would like to hear some good feedback from you guys it has many features and it's pretty accurate aswell give it a try and tell me what do you think of it below ? give me some suggestions if you got some aswell :) here is some photos :


What's in the app?
* Show log of latest wars of your clan
* Sort players of the clan according their results in every .
* Stats of members of last 10 wars. (Participating, Missing, Winning or Losing)
* Suggest actions (Promoting, Demoting, or even deleting non active members)
* Give A ranking for the clan of 5 stars using stats of the clan using :
- Clan scores
- Clan trophies
- Number of strong members in the clan
- War wining percent

Why paying?
* The 2$ is just a cup of coffee ☕️ that you paid for me and my brother , only to encourage us to improve the project and add more features to the app, we have more ideas, but we just can't wait to add them all.

Feel Free to send us feedbacks :)



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