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Miner replacing Ice Spirit in Classic Log Bait

I play classic log bait in ladder, and there is a quest to play miner in ladder so I replaced the ice spirit with miner in the deck and play some ladder, it feels pretty good.

Goblin barrel/Goblin Gang/Knight/Princess/Miner/Inferno Tower/Log/Rocket

There was a 3M match up, I no longer need to rocket the pump or find some crazy high pressure combo, just miner it. The opponent mainly used goblin gang to stop barrel, so he did not have good ground distractions for the miner, he had to minionhorde/bats on it but it will still let the miner get a few hits, then the horde/bats will die to my princess. The 3M match up has never been so easy.

In other match ups it feels pretty much the same, may be slightly weaker than the classic because the cycle is sometimes awkward without the ice spirit.

With 3M pump being so popular, I think overall the switch to miner is quite solid.

What do you think?


  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,437Moderator
    The reason that Ice spirit is in Logbait so the deck can cycle faster and good at dealing small but deadly counterpushes.

    But if you're able to manage elixir or play better with Miner in the deck, go ahead. You're actually not alone, there are some players in Top 200 ladder that are more comfortable using Miner Logbait.
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  • SaintAbooluSaintAboolu Posts: 35Member
    original bait decks had miner lol
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