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kitsune42kitsune42 Posts: 260Member
I saw a post with a Clan manager that costs some money. In the German forum a member created a manager too as a private project.
I registered there, it seems to work but I am still a bit confused if all Data is available to manage the clan. I think he continues to develop the manager but there is no guarantee how long it will be supported.

If you like you can check the homepage, maybe you like it! Here is the link:


  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 626Member
    what is it like? Can you share some screenshots?

    I have kept a Excel spreadsheet for my clan, it typically takes 5 minutes after every war to prepare everything I want to see. Excel can easily be shared among clanmates.
  • kitsune42kitsune42 Posts: 260Member
    edited January 9
    I don't know how to insert a screenshot here.

    It has some charts for war trophies, clan trophies, war participation and member win percentage.
    It takes 2 weeks till the donations appear, I don't know why. I am there only for one week.
    You can see the win rate and missed battles for wars of each player.
    For new members you get the date when they joined the clan.
    You see the last activity of a player.
    And it gives green, yellow and red hints if a player is active, but it wants a minimum war participation of 1% so no war players appear red because of inactivity!

    It has a gimmic of latest member achievments.
    I have 80 war wins and a clan mate collected 100.000 cards for the clan wars.

    The manager is in English, no worries with German language!
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