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[ONE AND ONLY] Card Discussions Catalog and Links List (Images)

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In this subforum, there are 45 discussions (cards and the Crown Towers) that are for specifically discussing a card and how it's OP/UP/balanced and/or how to bring it into balance if need be. This is the list that is being formulated and being organized BY ARENA. Thus, the Arrows will be first and the Zappies last. Scroll down to the second post if you want cards organized by alphabetical order so that you can use Ctrl+C to find it (no images, just links). If you are starting a thread on ONE SPECIFIC CARD, do not post it. Instead, look here for the card you are posting on and click/tap on it (NO click bait or rickroll, I swear!) so you can add to the discussion. If you'd like to start a thread on a certain card that does NOT have a [ONE AND ONLY] (now referred to as OAO for short) discussion, feel free to do so, but post the link in this thread so we can add it to the list. Credit goes to Dwynn for organizing this new format and spending lots of time on it. Check below if there is no link to see if that card is on the No discussion list

Training Camp


Goblin Stadium


Bone Pit


Barbarian Bowl


P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse


Spell Valley


Builder's Workshop


Royal Arena


Frozen Peak


Jungle Arena


Hog Mountain


Electro Valley


Crown Towers


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