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Carlson's balance suggestions! Yay!

Note that these are only my opinions.

Bomb tower- I would say that it is bad for 5 elixir. What I think they should add is death damage so it deals 300-400 death damage (1 sec delay) which hits ground AND air

RG and EB (Included both for some reason)- They need a COMPLETE rework, I would nerf EB's damage by 5% and HP by 10%, but buff their hitspeed by 0.1 or 0.2 secs. RG however, it can just get a bit of something like this, Hitspeed changed by 0.1 sec (makes it attack a bit faster), but nerf damage by 4% so it doesnt deal too much damage.

Clone- this spell is so underrated. I would get them to 2 elixir and to spawn more than 1 replica of the same troop (maximum 2 replicas).

Hog Rider- small to medium damage nerf, i feel like it deals too much damage for 4 elixir.

Goblins- Too much damage for 2 elixir, nerf damage by 5% so it wont be 106 then it would be 101 or 100

Guards- now they need a bit of medium buff, increasing either damage or shield hp or original HP. Leave a reply how would you buff them...

Knight- Just nerf his hp by 6-10%. he is so powerful, he can survive EVEN A ROCKET for 3 elixir. He is one of the best (if not, the best) mini tank in this game aside from ice golem.

Archers- Nerf damage by 3%. I feel that they have so good damage

Executioner- Nerf damage by 5%. He is unstoppable paired with tornado. He is currently overshadowing Wizard so it might give him (wizard) a little indirect buff.

Inferno Tower- Nerf HP by 6%, Nerf Damage by 5%. IT is so powerful against almost (if not, every) tank in this game. These nerfs may force you to use cannon and tesla more frequently.

Thats all I could think for now, I will add more every day or week.
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