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hey guys, I am back with a new card idea.
a card found in builders workshop. he spawns logs!!!
cost: 5 elixir
rarity: legendary
speed: medium
hitspeed: 2sec
hitpoints: 878
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  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,448Moderator
    Hmmm.. not trying to be rude here, but this card is not a good addition to the game.

    As first of all, Woodcutter is Lumberjack's role. Which would be pretty weird, if there are two troops that have the same impression. But that could be me, however the next one:

    The stats and mechanics. It's pretty much Bowler except it knockbacks all units as a tradeoff with it's health. In this rate, it will create another case of Executioner and Wizard, which is not a good thing.

    If you don't understand what i mean, let me explain:
    The Executioner and Wizard case is a scenario where two cards has the same role but they have different advantages and disadvantages with each other. However, the disadvantages are easy to compensate, thus the choice between Wizard and Executioner are only playstyle matter.

    In other words:
    most players prefers Beatdown over Control. So that's why Wizard is more used than Executioner in high trophies (4 out of 5 decks). This can't be fixed by just simply nerfing Wizard. As there are more concerns afterwards, one being Executioner on the top instead.

    I hope you understand :)
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  • NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Posts: 218Member
    edited January 23
    I could see it being a 6 elixir building called Sawmill, spawns a log every 12 seconds. Lasts 40 seconds, spawns up to 4 logs.

    The first log comes out at 2 seconds after placement. Other logs spawn at 14, 26, and 38 seconds. Effectively a seige tower like crossbow and mortar.

    The elixir efficiency would be the same as Elixir collector, if it lasts the full time and all 4 logs are spawned, it's a 2 elixir bonus because it's the price of 3 logs.
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