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Supercell's Weekly Communication and Plans for 2019 Week 1

MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,171Moderator
Here's what the CR team has been up to this week (the whole team is back after their holiday vacation)

-Discussing a new way to play CR
-Clan Wars 2.0
-Fixing all the cool stuff they have, making everything as good as it possibly can
-Trade Token UI
-Optional Bug Fix Update

The next update is scheduled for late Jan/early Feb. so probably in 3-4 weeks.

They only insert features in updates when they feel it is 100% right for the game and it's direction. Sometimes it may delay a feature some time if it isn't quite ready.

Supercell's comment responses

The 86% bug will be fixed in the bug fix update
They're discussing a 2v2 ranking system

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