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[4300]+ ForeverResist | New Clan already in Leaderboards | Tourneys w/ $$ rewards!

vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
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Clan Description: I am Vanguard, leader of ForeverResist. We are a new, upcoming top clan. Just created Dec 29, 2018, we now are in the top 200 in our local clan leaderboards and we are almost a legendary war clan and will only continue to climb. ForeverResist is already making its way to the top with a 46K clan score record and at #52 in local clans. Our clan is looking for fun, competitive, active and loyal members seeking to become the best! We praise members who participate, do their wars, donate, and chat regularly. Our clan has bi-weekly tournaments with cash rewards for the winners! We are an active clan that fulfills your requirements. We have well over 10-15 members online a day at once. We are a mature clan who seek the same mature people. ForeverResist is an English based clan but we do accept foreign members who speak even the slightest of English.

Join our Discord:

Promotions [Member, Elder and Co-Leader]

Promotions are not just given, they are earned. Yes, you need requirements to stay a member, very few donations are needed but just enough to show that you're not inactive. You do not have to participate in EVERY war, but here and there is necessary. It's simple, do your war battles, donate and chat and that's an easy Elder. Co-Leader on the other hand is more difficult. We're always recruiting and we always need help recruiting, so as a Co you're given the task of making sure the clan succeeds.

ForeverResist's Requirements:

- Maturity / Activity / Loyalty / Respect
- War activity (Do not participate if you are going to miss war day, that will result in kick. Finish all collection battles or that will result in kick.)
- Required trophies [4300+] PB
- Competitiveness. We want to win!
- Donate constantly
- Chat activity

Our Clan:

ForeverResist [Established Dec 29, 2018]
Clan ID: #P2Y9UGG2
Member Count: 43/50
Clan Score: 44,756
Clan War Trophies: 2487 trophies


  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    Bumpity Bump
  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    Still looking for members, join up! Currently at 43 members!
  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    We're still looking for members! We're at 49!
  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    Looking for more members, just cleaned up some inactive players! We have 4 spots!
  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    edited February 15
    Stats have been updated, we have 3 open spots! If you're a group of people, message me and i can clear up some members.
  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    Stats updated, 3 open spots! Join up!
  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    Satistics have been updated, looking for active war players. 5 open spots!
  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    Stats updated, we just cleaned up! 7 open spots
  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    Stats updated, tournament this weekend! Join up we have 7 spots!
  • vanguardvanguard Posts: 17Member
    Clan details updated! 6 open spots and and a tournament coming this weekend!
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