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2 New Game Mode Ideas!

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  • Collect the rubies from the enemy's side and carry them to place on your totem,while protecting your own rubies.
  • Place all 5 rubies to win the game,or have more rubies placed than your opponent when the timer ends (overtime kicks in if both teams have the same amount).
  • During overtime,the first team to carry another ruby wins.It's a draw if nobody manages that before it's the end of overtime.

Game Mechanics:
  • Every team has 5 of the enemy's rubies located behind the spawn point,and their totem just in front of it.
  • When you touch the place where your rubies are located,behind the enemy spawn,you collect one of them (and can hold one at a time).Then you have to touch your totem at your own spawn while still carrying the ruby to place it.
  • If a player is killed while holding a ruby,he'll drop it onto the ground,allowing teammates to grab it from that place instead of going all the way into the enemy base.
  • You cannot grab dropped enemy gems to bring them back into your base,nor can you steal rubies from the enemy totem.
  • Totems have no special powers,and they are indestructible.Their only function is to provide you a place where you must place your rubies (and maybe some cover if needed).


  • There are huge quantities of goblins scattered all around the Arena.Some are enemies and some are allies.Defeat all the target Goblins before the allied ones are taken out!
  • This game mode has no timer,so you have to search,find and slay every single target before the enemy does so.

Game Mechanics:
  • Lots of Goblins,Spear Goblins and few Goblin Giants (maybe even Dart Goblins with Piper range?) are located inside the bushes in an arena similar to those in Showdown (with no poison clouds).
  • Goblins hide in bushes until they are attacked or a player comes close to them.After that,they will keep attacking enemy players as long as they are alive.
  • Goblins will not attack the enemy Goblins,only players.
  • Except for the GGs,the Goblins are quite fast as you know,and especially the stabby ones deal a lot of damage,so you better approach with caution if you split up or come across a pack.Though,they are not really sturdy.
  • There are counters at top left and right,showing how many enemy and ally Goblins are alive.
  • You might think this mode doesn't have much to do with PvP,but you still contact with the opponent players at times,like when you come across while searching for goblins or when you're trying to protect your last couple of goblins from the incoming enemies.
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