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Apex Predator Gaming™️ Sponsored Clan Recruiting Now!

Mr_CrashMr_Crash Posts: 1Member
edited January 30 in Clan Chat
Apex Predator Gaming™️ clans are recruiting with plenty of opportunity available. Come join us today.

Sponsorship & Benefits:
-Bi-weekly Prize Giveaways (Winners chosen at random and must be an Apex Predator Gaming™️ member.)
-$50 monthly Apex Predator Gaming™️ family tournaments
-Access to our established Apex Family discord server (Home to Legendary League, Top 300 local clan, The Lions)
-Dedicated Family Leaders readily available throughout the day in and out of game.
-Nonstop Wars!
-Friendly, active members who love to play with and learn from one another!

-eSports team currently under developement
-Join a clan to begin today!
-Coach Crix and J3H are your guys there
-Applications available and tryouts held regularly.

Clans & Requirements:
The Lions: [#2Q2ULLQ ]
-46,781 Clan Trophies
-3,601 War Trophies
-4800+ PB
-50+ War Wins

The Cosmos™: [#9QUGUPUG]
-43,303 Clan Trophies
-1210 War Trophies
-4200 PB
-30+ War Wins

The Wolves: [#9Q98JQCV]
-Clan Trophies N/A
-1,657 War Trophies
-3500+ PB
-Some war experience preferred

Message me with any questions, comments, or concerns!

Visit our website to learn more about the Apex Community and access to all things Apex (discord, Facebook, etc.). Happy Clashing!

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