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Spectator’s Mode

ValkyrieValkyrie Posts: 1Member
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Dear Devs,

First and foremost, thanks for the wonderful updates that’s been implemented to the game. New arena and card are both great addition !

Secondly, the spectator’s point of view for clan wars, ladder match, tourneys and etc are a great addition with features such as leaked elixir, number of card plays. However, despite this update, i, personally, felt that there’s a downside to this. When a spectator specates a match, they could see the opponent’s elixir bar. From my stand point, it would be best to remove the view of opponent’s elixir bars from the spectator’s point of view.

Now before i get the question(s) of “why”, i’ll bluntly say that there might be a posibility of players with multiple accounts to spectate their own match to keep track of how many elixir the opponent have which, to me, is kind of a unfair play be it in Clan wars, Ladder and etc.

I’ve spoken with Alper E. from the supercell support team via in game option “Contact Us” about this and he too suggested that it to be brought up here for the whole clash royale community to give a thought about this.

Perhaps if its during a replay mode, those features like “elixir bar” can be viewed for both side ? But for live matches, i personally felt its best to have them removed.

Lastly, thank you for viewing this thread and hopefully the devs could give it a thought or two about this.

Best Regards,


  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,330Moderator
    The Devs are not on this site. They are on Reddit, but there are already multiple posts there on this topic, so don't add anymore there. I do agree, but it's not as huge of a deal as it seems because a lot of people can count elixir and will know when the opponent is low without having to see it. Personally I'm not great at counting elixir but I have a good guess just because of what they've played (doesn't take into account leaked elixir)

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  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 589Member
    This is a good thought, however I do agree with @MasterCal . It is not extremely important. Maybe Supercell might think about it in the next update.
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  • kitsune42kitsune42 Posts: 315Member
    I thought you could see the elixir bar half or one year ago and they romoved the feature because of cheating. I cannot count elixir at all, I immediately forget my calculation after 4 cards are on the map! I hate that I cannot count! Even to see the cards played by the opponent you could count quickly for the opening move. Until now I didn't use that.
    Before I started to play X-Bow, before a step into a new league I let my children count the elixir, it's really an important information. Now they can just sit next to me with their account open. I shall try that because I cannot climb higher than 4900 but my Icebow is nearly max only log and tornado are missing. I should climb to 5400!!!!! I am such a bad player....

    Can I ask here or shall I open a new thread? What would you collect now. Just push common cards to max or is it better to collect rare cards first. I have no idea what I shall collect now.
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