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[New Card Idea] where the log comes from...THE TREE

D1NonlineD1Nonline Posts: 33Member
edited January 31 in Ideas & Feature Requests
A new "troop" that stays still in a place........called "E.N.T (Elusive Nightmare Tree)"...can be found in Spooky Town...have the range of an Xbow and Mortar but only attacks air troops and the towers.......YES, I say it right it is a "troop" not a building just like the Cannon just stay still until the target within reach is destroyed then it will move to reach the other target...while staying still it will have a guard but while walking it will lower its guard....has a DPS and damage of an's original hitpoints is medium with about 5 elixirs...
a tree that has an eerie eyes cause it has been cursed/created by a Night Witch.
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