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Cave Critter (Legendary Troop)


A centipede with three segments, if one dies the others form new critters! When they attack they grow new segments!

Arena: Spooky Town
Rarity: Legendary
Elixir Cost: 3

Level 9 Stats (Tournament Standards):

Health: 150 (Per Segment)
Damage: 75
Hit Speed: 1s
Range: Melee
Vision Radius: 5
Targets: Ground
Max Segments: 3 (Per Cave Critter)
Movement Speed: Medium
Weight: Light
Size: Small
Flags: Ground, Troop

This would be a potential swarm, it's medium risk high reward for the Elixir cost. Countered by splash damage, but strong when coupled with Rage spell and tanking small single hit damage.

Sweet combo: Ice Golem + Cave Critter, ensure the Cave Critter arrives at the Crown Tower, then once the Ice Golem dies, the attack is slowed for a second to give the Cave Critter a chance to multiply by tanking hits from the Crown Tower. If it isn't addressed this will snowball quickly.

Strong Against Cave Critters: Arrows, Poison, Zap, Wizards, Bomb Tower, Dart Goblin, Mortar, Crossbow, Princess, Dark Prince, Minions, Baby Dragon, Electro Dragon... Etc.

Weak Against Cave Critters: Goblin Giant, Goblins, Giant, Royal Giant, Cannon Cart, Musketeer, Knight, Mini Pekka, Pekka, Crown Towers... Etc.

Cave Critter Questionnaire
  1. Is it a neat concept?2 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  2. Is it balanced?2 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  3. Should it be added into Clash Royale?2 votes
    1. Yes
    2. Maybe, with changes
    3. No
  4. Is the Cave Critter too overpowered?2 votes
    1. Yes, increase the Elixir Cost (4 Elixir)
    2. Yes, it's game breaking, don't add it.
    3. No, it's well balanced.
    4. No, it should be cheaper (2 Elixir)
    5. It's actually underpowered, increase the attack speed (to 0.75s)
    6. Reduce the health and it will be balanced


  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,420Moderator
    edited January 31
    Ah, i remember that you had sent me this concept a long time ago. Seems like you made some improvements with it.

    I think it needs to walk faster, so it would propose a more menacing threat on offense. But as an exchange, their first attack should be slowed down, like slower than their hitspeed (similiar to Magic Archer). Since it might be too clutchy for a 3 elixir card.
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