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[Card Idea] Healing Fortress

IDProGIDProG Posts: 144Member
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Rarity: Legendary
Elixir Cost: 5
Card Type: Building
Level: 9
Hitpoints: 1500
Shield Hitpoints: 250
Lifetime: 60sec
HPS (Troops): 50 + 1% Max Hitpoints
HPS (Buildings): 1% Max Hitpoints
HPS (Crown Towers): 0.2% Max Hitpoints

Card Description:
Heals your side of the Arena over time with magic. Its magic is so powerful, it can also heal buildings. Does not appear in your starting hand.

General Explanation:
Healing Fortress is a Legendary building that costs 5 Elixir and does nothing other than healing troops and buildings in your side of the Arena (even if you place the building on the enemy's side of the Arena). Healing Fortress has the size of Goblin Hut and has a Shield. The Shield doesn't decay, unlike the Hitpoints. The Shield stays until the Hitpoints reach zero. The Shield doesn't get healed. A Healing Fortress cannot heal itself, but if there are more than 1 friendly Healing Fortresses, they can heal each other. The healing is rounded down. Each upgrade increases the Hitpoints, Shield Hitpoints, and the HPS for troops (the fixed one)

What do you think? Do you have any questions about this card? Is it OP? Is it UP?


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