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What Are All the Subforums (Categories)? Explanation and Detailing all Subforums

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The point of this thread is to explain what all the subforums are, and to answer any questions you may have about it. If we have missed something, send us a private message with what you think should be added.

Before we detail the subforums, we want to remind you of Forum Rule 11
Always read stickies before posting. Always post in the proper subforums/categories. Not doing so may result in your thread being trashed, moved, or closed.

This rule states to post in the proper subforums, known as categories on this forum. Each subforum has its own purpose, and the point of the categories is organization. That way, we can group all the idea requests and the balance requests together and separate from other types. This is in our opinion the main advantage this forum has over r/clashroyale, which only has prefixes, and thus little organization.

A little bit of terminology

Trashing is synonymous with deletion. It means the thread will be deleted and no one will see it again. Generally, threads won't be deleted unless they flagrantly violate forum rules or are duplicate threads.

Closing means the thread will be locked by a mod, admin, or dev. It means no member can post on that thread. Closing of threads is more common than trashing, but as far as threads in the wrong subforum, it won't happen super often, unless mods feel that the thread is useless and is not really a good discussion.

Moving when a thread gets moved into the correct subforum. This is the most frequent action taken if mods see a thread in the wrong subforum. The discussion will still be open, but in the right place.

Now, onto each of the categories. Note: We will use subforums and categories interchangeably.
Forum Rules

Forum Rules is the most important subforum. Only Devs, admins, and moderators can make threads there. In this category, you will find the Main Forum Rules of course, but there will also be supplementary threads that clarify, explain, or detail forum rules, policies, and features, such as the Guide to Reporting Threads and Explanation & Clarification of All Forum Rules. Check here periodically for new threads and rule updates from staff.

Ideas & Feature Requests (I&FR)

This is for ideas and suggestions you have for CR, whether it be new cards, new mechanics, new gamemodes, features that should be added, QoL additions, etc. There will be a Monthly Newsletter of sorts that will be submitted to the Supercell developer team to show our ideas. If you've got an idea or feature request, put it there! Keep in mind this is for game content, not forum request or balance suggestions. There are also ruled out ideas that Supercell has said, in-game or on Reddit, that they will not add for the time being. Refrain from making a thread about ruled out ideas.
Card Balance Discussion (CBD)

If you have an idea on how to balance the game (e.g. buff/nerf/rework) put it there. You can make threads about as many cards as you want (like buff the inferno dragon and the cannon cart) or a full balance change list that you would do if you were Supercell. Keep in mind that we don't want the forums full of threads on the same topic. Otherwise, there'd be 1000 Hog threads all saying the same thing, pushing down the other discussions. Every individual card has its own discussion. Post there instead of making a new thread. Additionally, hot cards and decks in the community (like Hog Rider and Log Bait atm) are stickied.

Strategy and Deck Building

Want to share a deck you made or have seen people play? Or want advice on your deck, card lvls, etc.? This is the place to go.


Creativity is for Clash Royale and forum related fun. Do you have art you want to share? Got a funny story to tell? Made something cool out of LEGOs? As long as it's CR and/or forum related, post it here

Signature Shops

Subcategory of Creativity. Some forumers are good at GFX and making images. Signatures are little images and text that appear at the bottom of posts you make, if enabled. If you want a signature pic, request one from the existing sig shop threads. Or, create your own sig shop to make sigs for the community. Forum Rules extend to signatures as well!
Clan Chat

Looking for members to join your clan? Or searching for a clan to join? Want to make a clan together with some fellow forumers? This is the place. Each clan can have an individual thread to recruit members to. Keep in mind Forum Rule 4. You are allowed to bump your recruitment thread to keep it on page one. However, to give everyone a fair chance, you can only bump once at least every 24 hours. Bumping more frequently than that will result in your thread being closed, and possibly an infraction.
Forum Talk (FT)

This category is for discussing the forums! If you find a bug in the forums, post it. Want to know how the forum works? Look at the threads here. Got a forum feature you want to request? Send it here. Staff members frequent this subforum, and try to respond to everyone's threads. However, Forum Tallk is not a place to complain about actions taking by the staff team (e.g. infractions). See Forum Rule 14. If you do complain publicly about staff actions, you will receive another infraction. Take any issues with staff up with the staff privately, not by making a public thread.
General Discussion

Discuss anything that does not belong in another category here! If you have a thread that does not belong in another subforum, such as new cards or the current challenge, feel free to post it in General. Most activity happens in General, as do most threads.
Tournaments and Events

A subcategory of General. If you've got an in-game custom tournament, post it there. Want to host a bracketed tourney? Go to Tournaments and Events. This is the least popular subforum due to the Custom Tournaments feature severely lacking in Clash Royale.
Off-Topic (OT)

Off-Topic is similar to Creativity, except you can post about most other subjects! You can post about other games, Discord activities, school, personality types, movies, etc. A few forbidden topics include religion, politics, and anything that could easily start a flame war with disagreements. Keep in mind all main forum rules apply in OT or its subsections, especially Rule 2.

Forum Games (FG)

Subcategory 1 of OT. If you want to have some fun and play a game with the community, you can do so here! You can play a simple game like Boys v Girls or Ban Person Above You or Count to 30 before Mod Post. There are also more complex games, with signups and a beginning and end, like RPS, TBSGs, and TvMs.

AMAs and Personal Bios

Subcategory 2 of OT. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and is just what is sounds, asking someone questions to get to know them better! Please do not post personal info, like home address, e-mail address, or phone number. That is for your own safety to avoid internet predators. You can also talk about what's going on in your life here.

Sort of like OT, but not really. The rules are more relaxed in RAGE! (e.g. swearing is allowed, but not directed at a forumer). For example, you can rant about "Rigged MM," meta decks, or bad 2v2 partners all you want. You can also rage and rant about other topics in your life besides the forums and CR, just make sure you aren't flagrantly violating forum rules. And, no, swearing is not allowed in thread titles in RAGE (e.g. no Tornado is a broken piece of... allowed in the title).

There are some "gray areas" in terms of where threads go to. If you are confused as to why your thread was moved or are unsure which category to post your next great thread in, look at this thread. If you are still unsure, then privately message a staff member and we'll help you.

If you see a thread in the wrong subforum, please flag (report) the thread so the staff team can take care of it. Be sure to note which category it belongs in. If you're not sure, then leave it alone or PM a staff member

Anyways, that's it. Leave feedback about this by sending us a message or at the official forum Discord server. Thanks for reading this and have a great time on the forums!

-The Staff Team


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