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Golem Balloon Deck (9 Win Streak at Arena 10-12)

IDProGIDProG Posts: 145Member
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I want to share my surprisingly good deck. It consists of:

1. Golem
The tank. It's thick and can fight back swarms. It simply gets the job done.

2. Balloon
Balloon is a nightmare to decks with weak to moderate air defenses.

3. Wizard
Wizard is basically Musketeer, but splash. Wizard protects Golem and Balloon from swarms and glass cannons. He syncs pretty well with Tornado. I prefer Wizard to Executioner because he deals higher DPS and finishes threats faster.

4. Ice Wizard
Ice Wizard is cheap and serves as a support for everything. In a push, he helps slow down enemies so that Golem takes less damage before Wizard kills them.

5. Inferno Tower
The ultimate defense card in this deck. It crushes every single tank and Balloon easily. Inferno Tower basically makes this deck much harder to lose against beatdown decks.

6. Bats
This card deals more damage than Minions, has a much lower risk than Minion Horde, and the Bats are flying, meaning that they aren't weak to Valkyrie, which is a threat to this deck. They help the Wizards defeat a Valkyrie

7. Guards
Cannot be OHKOed, Guards are a formidable staller. They help stall PEKKAs and Princes, and kill lone glass cannons. They can also cover the Wizards against PEKKAs in a push.

8. Tornado
I love this spell. Tornado unites the opponent's responses so that the Wizards can kill them. Tornado basically counters tank-and-spank combo. Tornado also pulls Valkyrie, making her less of a threat to the deck.

This deck's threats (I will rate how much of a threat each one is from 1 to 10):
1. Mini PEKKA (Threat Level: 1)
2. Hog Rider (Threat Level: 1)
3. Ram Rider (Threat Level: 1)
4. Goblin Barrel (Threat Level: 3)
5. PEKKA (Threat Level: 3)
6. Fireball (Threat Level: 3)
7. Valkyrie (Threat Level: 4)
8. Poison (Threat Level: 4)
9. Executioner-Tornado (Threat Level: 6)
10. Inferno Tower (Threat Level: 6)
11. Freeze (with defenses) (Threat Level: 7)
*Good thing Freeze is going to be nerfed.*
12. Lightning (Threat Level: 8)

If you want the 9-win streak proof, I will post it here, but only if some people ask for it.


  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 591Member

    check this link out, it will help you.

    overall, your deck is relatively powerful.
    There are problems though, golem and balloon don't pair up that well. perhaps lava hound instead?
    The Proud Real Madrid And Juventus Supporter
  • IDProGIDProG Posts: 145Member
    Unfortunately, I don't have Lava Hound yet, so I'm currently not able to test the deck with the Hound. That's why I make this deck with Golem. Actually, I like the interactions.
    I only push with Golem Balloon at Double Elixir. I defend before that.

    At the start of the game, I use the time to test the opponent while defending. I use Guards and the Wizards to defend, then counterpush with a small push using Balloon. This is to see how the opponent responds to a glass cannon (Wizard), a swarm (Guards), and the Balloon. I can adjust my Tornado play based on the result.

    After Double Elixir, I can start my big push.
    Here's my big push:
    First, I put my Golem at the back. Then, I put my Wizard. After the Golem reaches the bridge, I deploy the Balloon at the building-free zone (the deploy area where a usual building placement (4 tiles from the river, and 3 tiles from the Princess Tower) will not attract the Balloon), and I reserve my Tornado for the opponent's responses.

    At Double Elixir, the amount of Elixir one can get by the time Golem reaches the bridge is about 28 Elixir. I use Golem for 8, Wizard for 5, Balloon for 5, and Tornado for 3. I still have 7 Elixir to defend if the enemy chooses to attack the other lane, minimizing the damage taken. If the enemy chooses to defend against the push, it's even better. I can deploy my Ice Wizard to make the push even more terrifying, and I can deploy Bats to help the Wizards kill the Valkyrie before she kills them.
  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 591Member
    Do you have problems with fireballies? from what I can see, you also lack a high damage spell. defending is a good idea to start off, as you don't have a pump.
    The Proud Real Madrid And Juventus Supporter
  • IDProGIDProG Posts: 145Member
    No, I don't have a problem with Fireballies. Most of the time, when I deploy the Golem, the opponent responds with a Witch or Wizard. They usually place them with some distance to prevent Fireball. I use Tornado to unite them so that Wizard can finish them. I don't use high damage spells because they're expensive (Fireball doesn't kill the Fireballies, Poison is good, but the Valkyrie problem still exists, Lightning is just too expensive for this deck without a pump).

    I only face 2 problems: Chip decks and Freeze.
    Chip decks deal little damage overtime. They are a problem, but their defenses are usually weak, because usually, they use Princess and Dart Goblin who are fragile, and most of the time, I'm able to 3-Crown them.
    I hate the pre-nerf Freeze. So much. I'm so glad Supercell agrees with me about Freeze's OPness.
  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 710Member
    People don’t normally respond Golem with a Witch or Wizard, you need some proper opponents to test your deck.

    Anyway I think the deck looks nice.
  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 591Member
    micsfyuen wrote: »
    People don’t normally respond Golem with a Witch or Wizard, you need some proper opponents to test your deck.

    Anyway I think the deck looks nice.

    @micsfyuen you are right, people usually counter it with skarmy, itower and prince. pekka is also used. Another tip is to swap balloon for a more versatile card (prince, pekka, mini pekka, lumberjack etc.)
    The Proud Real Madrid And Juventus Supporter
  • IDProGIDProG Posts: 145Member
    What I mean is, at the start of the Double Elixir, of course I wait until almost 10 Elixir before I deploy Golem AT THE BACK, and of course the opponent doesn't wait until the Golem reaches the bridge, that would be a waste of so many Elixir. What I mean is, they deploy a Firebally at the back so that they can accumulate more Elixir as well.
  • IDProGIDProG Posts: 145Member
    edited February 4

    I accidentally sent the message twice, so I deleted the second one.
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