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[OFFICIAL] Supercell's Weekly Communication and Plans for 2019 Week 4

MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,229Moderator
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-Released January update
-Finalizing details for CRL 2019
-Solidifying next update before working on it. Ideas thrown around: Progression/improvements/revamp, new types of seasons, 2v2 ranked. Nothing finalized, or confirmed.
-Lunar New Year Challenge, including the new gamemode
-Tim, Drew, and Seth attended to Red Bull MEO Finals in Dortmund
-Balance changes.

Note: I will be late again for this Friday's post (I'll admit I've been lazy the last few times but next time I'll be gone most of the day, so I'll get Week 5 on Saturday) but ideally I'll get Week 6 on time (within a few hours). Really sorry about that :(

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    It's okay Cal. If you have to do something important, you should go for it first.
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