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I need a new deck in 3300 trophies

Hello i make a discussion "here's my best deck it's really good but I need a new one" or something like this, but i want change the type of deck, mine it's focused in the MK and clone or the freeze and GY, but i want another type of deck, ive got most of the card in livel 7-8-9 and i know that i have to level up them but if some one can give me a deck for reach the 3600-4000 trophies more easly, i mean some that haven't so much weak for the elixir cost and a slow dps or that can be easly beaten by a pekka or an inferno tower, thanks, and i will appreciate if you can write how to play whit it i mean which rotation use and the combos. Thanks.


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    Your first discussion is still valid, so continue to use that one

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