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Crustacean (Legendary Troop)

NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Posts: 211Member
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Table of Contents:-
I. Crustacean Description
II. Lore
III. Crustacean Stats
IV. Strategies
V. Countering
VI. Balancing
VII. Conclusion

I. Crustacean Description:
Encrusted with barnacles he fires them out of his back. He's got thick shell armor, but underneath he's a softy. Watch out for his pinch, it'll immobilize you!

(Rarity: Legendary - Type: Troop - (6) Elixir)

II. Lore:
Exposed by low tide the Crustacean runs amok inland, and is enraged with a back full of pesky barnacles that just won't stop itching! Grasping tightly his enemies within his claw he takes his pain out on them. Only the molting of his shell will give him some sort of relief.

III. Crustacean Stats (Level (9) - Tournament Standards):

Rarity: Legendary
Type: Troop
Arena: Clash Cove
Elixir Cost: (6)
Crustacean Count: x1
Deploy Time: 1s

Level (9) Crustacean:

Hitpoints: 450
Shield: 800 (From 900)

Claw Attack:
Damage: 300
Hit Speed: 2sec
Damage per second: 150
Range: 1.5
Targets: Ground, Single Target
Pinch Duration: 2sec
(Pinched targets can't move but can attack)

Barnacle Attack:
Damage: 100
Hit Speed: 1.5sec
Damage per second: 200 (From 300)
Minimum Range: 1.5 (From 0)
Maximum Range: 4 (From 3)
Targets: Ground and Air, x3 targets (From 4)
Barnacle Attack doesn't stack (Credit Ferrell34)

Sight Range: 5.5
Movement Speed: Medium
Transport: Ground
Size: Large
Mass: Heavy

Loses his Barnacle attack and Pinch after the loss of his Shell armor.

IV. Strategies


-Hefty for a push starter, can keep melee troops from attacking himself while chipping away at them with his Claw Pinch and Barnacle shot.


-Use to immobilize dangerous troops such as Pekka, Hog Rider, Mega Knight, or light counter small swarms.

V. Countering


-Weak to stuns and long ranged attacks, he's much more docile when his Shell shield is gone.


-Be sure to keep him at a distance so he doesn't lock onto your tower with his Claw or Barnacle shot, surround with a swarm, or slow him and attack with high damage ranged attacks.

VI. Balancing

I don't know if he's balanced, hopefully he is balanced by his ability loss after the shield is gone.

VII. Conclusion
The Crustacean is like a mix of the Goblin Giant and Ram Rider except he doesn't target buildings.

Edits (Feb 8): Nerfed Barnacle attack, doesn't stack, added dead zone and slightly increased range.
Nerfed shield (11%)


  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 589Member
    I think this is a well balanced troop. its mechanism seems unique and well thought out. all in all, a great job!!!!!
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  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,420Moderator
    Interesting concept, i have to say. Seems like a one man push troop like PEKKA but more flexible and penetrable (except swarms). The only thing that is different in usage than PEKKA is that it can bait out heavy spells. Just like you said, in terms of mechanics, it's like GoGi and RamRi. But in terms of uses, i'm thinking.. a love triangle of Sparky, PEKKA, and Mega Minion.

    Anyway, about the balancing... well, there's also a question about it actually. Does all barnacle stacks damage (like Ewiz on 1 target) or.. each tries to hit on separate units or else (like EDrag, despite it can hit upto 3 targets, it can't deal 3x the damage to a unit)?

    If it's case number 1, then that means it can deal more than 400 DPS! That's more than a PEKKA!! I know that it can lose it's barnacle ability and can be distracted but when it comes to pro players, even the unsuspicious Goblin Hut can be deadly. I suggest 8% shield hp nerf and it can only shoot 3 barnacles (from 4) at a time. With this change, it's DPS is abit compatible to Mini Pekka to single targets and it's shield can be one shot by Lightning.

    Case number 2 is actually pretty balanced. Had a feeling that it might be underwhelming, but statistically looks balanced. I think it would be neat and an improvement if the barnacle ability has a one tile dead zone (like Mortar, can't attack units in the dead zone, nearby in other words) with a tile range buff for Barnacles to compensate for the less DPS.
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  • NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Posts: 211Member

    It was originally intended to focus all Barnacles on the nearest target, but it would make more sense if they were spread out between different targets. Since he already has a heavy hitting attack (Claw), I will change how his Barnacle attack works, targeting up to 3 different targets with a 1.5 radius dead zone. This way his different attacks are more distinct from each other. I think with the addition of the dead zone, and # of targets reduction, his Barnacle attack range should be slightly longer, from 3 radius to 4.

    He is kind of complex for a troop, I am aware, but Clash Royale troops are becoming increasingly complex, do you think that the Crustacean is too complex?

    He has many attributes, a shield, a movement modifier, a multi target attack with a dead zone, and ability loss after the shield is gone. That's 5 attributes, while most cards only have 1 to 2 complex attributes.

    I appreciate all the thought you've put into helping refine the Crustacean.
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