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[ONE AND ONLY] Forum Bugs Discussion

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Hey guys, just wanted to have a single place where the bugs and issues with this sites can be compiled so if Blast has the time (he's been busy with his RL job) he can fix or improve them.

If you know of a bug, where to find it, and possibly how to recreate it, please post it below so I can add it to the list.

Note: Some of these bugs may be bugs that specifically are for moderator activities.
  • Temporary bans disabled due to causing the site to crash
  • Incorrect time stamps on warnings on a forumer's profile
  • Error message when saving a draft if a subforum isn't specified to be posted in
  • Tags remain on Popular Tags even when the thread(s) is deleted
  • Longer usernames mess up the positioning of the points in the leaderboards
  • Spelling error when warnings are cleared. (<insert username here> has been cleared of "thier" warnings)
  • Clearing warnings requires a time frame (which is arbitrary anyway)
  • Banned forumers' information is messed up due to "Banned" fitting in one of the rows where it displays information like visits or points
  • No way to unsink a stickied discussion and make it stickied again
  • No way to make a category reappear if you hide it
  • Tables do not format correctly
  • Changing a profile picture resets the overlay theme to default

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