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Offers with gems vs without gems

micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 710Member
edited February 8 in General Discussion
I haven’t bought any special offers for a long time until lately when SC started to bring back offers that include gems again. Even though the offers are still labeled as X2, X3, X4 or X5 as usual, having gems in them makes a whole lot different.

I did not buy special offers before because I regularly spend gems on challenges, those gems spent on challenges can easily be translated to a lot of value. E.g. 2 win=break even, 6 win=4X value, 12 win=20X value. If I buy gems directly and consistently get 6+wins in challenges, it is creating X4 or more value already, there is no reason to buy any X4 offers.

Whether the deal contains gems or not is completely different.
E.g. a $100 X4 offer that contains $400 worth of cards/gold/chest is a straight forward X4 value deal

However, a $100 X4 offer that contains $50 worth of gems+$350 worth of cards/gold/chest is different. The $50 gems can be translated to 4X or more value through challenges and the $350 cards/gold/chest are on the remaining $50 of cost, it is a 7X value purchase on the cards/gold/chest.

I have started spending on special offers again (even though not much) and I am happy with the special offers with gems that SC brought us.


  • kitsune42kitsune42 Posts: 315Member
    I also bought special offers with gems. After a long time to wait for them to appear again. Thanks to SC.
    I like to play challenges so I always need to have enough gems!!! And lately gold is not enough so a bit of extra gold is great. My disadvantage is that I cannot get 12 wins in a classic challenge. 5 wins are normal and with 8 wins I am already really happy.

    Thanks for the calculation that we generate extra value with the special offer that include gems, so it was a good decision to buy.
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