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Squirrel Squires (Epic Troop)

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Table of Contents:-
I. Squirrel Squires Description
II. Lore
III. Squirrel Squires Stats
IV. Strategies
V. Countering
VI. Balancing
VII. Conclusion

I. Squirrel Squires Description:
(Rarity: Epic - Type: Troop - 4 Elixir)
A trio of Noble forest critters ready to defend the trees, the one in front has a walnut for armor, he's one tough nut to crack, while the two in back chuck acorns quicker as their targets get closer.

II. Lore:
The Squirrel King, has deployed his nobles to defend the forest he dwells in, for goblins have encroached dealing massive damage to their tree hovels, and this is his last resort! The Squires have united in squads using nuts as both a defence and offense! Since the Rascals trained the Noble Squirrel Squires in combat they should succeed.

III. Squirrel Squires Stats (Level 9 - Tournament Standards):

Rarity: Epic
Type: Troop
Arena: Jungle Arena (or Freaky Forest, my arena idea)
Elixir Cost: 4
Squirrel Squires Count: X1 Walnut Squire, X2 Acorn Squires
Deploy Time:

Level 9 Squirrel Squires:

Walnut Squire (X1):

Shield: 200
Hitpoints: 200
Damage: 100
Hit Speed: 0.9sec
Damage per second: 111
Range: Melee
Targets: Ground
Sight Range: 5
Movement Speed: Fast
Transport: Ground
Size: Small
Mass: Light

Acorn Squire (X2):

Hitpoints: 200
Damage: 80
Hit Speed: 0.5sec - 1.3sec
Damage per second: 160 - 61

Attack Speed Regions:
0 to < 1 range : 0.5s
1 to < 2 range : 0.7s
2 to < 3 range : 0.9s
3 to < 4 range : 1.1s
4 to <=5 range : 1.3s

Range: 5
Targets: Ground and Air
Sight Range: 5.5
Movement Speed: Fast
Transport: Ground
Size: Small
Mass: Light

IV. Strategies


-The Squirrel Squires are a quick option to push on an undefended tower, and great backup for existing pushes, if they can get into the heart of the fight they do more damage like the Hunter.


-Place the Squires close to combat to optimize their damage output can deal with swarms very well and topple large targets quickly if they survive through the ordeal.

V. Countering


-Keep your distance from the Squires while fighting them, weak to splash damage such as poison, log, fireball, wizard, princess, or heavy hitters that are quick like lumberjacks or valkyries


-If you want to properly manage defending against the Squires, don't place your troops too close to them especially if they are raged, as they deal a lot of damage, a mega Knight slam is an effective way to deal with the Squires.

VI. Balancing

Together the Squirrel Squires have 800 collective hit points, and up to 431 damage per second but that's under perfect conditions, they are pretty fragile though, like the Hunter they won't maximize their DPS on crown towers because of their range.

VII. Conclusion

It's a glass cannon combo, easy to eliminate but deadly if left unchecked.

Edit (2/20/2019): Specified attack regions for the Acorn Squires at Ferrell34's request


  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,420Moderator
    This card concept is pretty well thought. It's like Rascals for Bridge Spam and Control. They can be used for alot of things for one slot, but easy to deny if your enemy has the right counters.

    Do you mind to add the stats for Acorn Squires of which region they initiate each Hitspeed? (Something like range 1-2: 0.5 sec, and range 4-5: 1.5 sec).
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