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Welcome to RAGE!

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Welcome to RAGE! This sub-forum is entirely dedicated to rage posts! Curse, hate, and literally destroy that one card find OP, or maybe that stupid match-making system that you just know is rigged!

On this sub-forum only, you can:

- Swear
- Complain Senselessly!
- Ridicule the game!

However, you may not:

- Threaten, bully, or harass other users
- Abuse your privileges by over-spamming the sub-forum endlessly
- Make inflamatory comments towards a race, ethnicity, gender, etc.
- Try to stay away from politics; Making political jokes is OK, but we don't want political debates here!
- Do not post swear words in thread titles, as they appear in the recent discussions tab.

That's about it, this sub-forum is going to be absolutely CRAZY! Have fun!
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