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(One and Only) Heal spell rage thread

GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 3,175Member
You might know my hate towards Cannon, the absolute DEVIL of the game as well as the worst card in the game. The first one is absolutely true, there is no denying to that. But what about the second one?

Yes Cannon is still the worst card in the game. However, it is not the only card for the worst card slot. It actually ties with the card that will be mentioned in the discussion being none other than Heal. This thing is so useless. Using it as a support for either offense or defense will not help at all, they will still die just as fast. And as a cycle card, it is the worst at that, since playing it naked at the field is a complete waste of 1 Elixir while the other 1 Elixir cards at least can defend one of the lanes.

This thing is pure garbage.
About Heal
  1. Is Heal the Devil as well4 votes
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  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 644Member
    personally, the heal can actually do something, although that something might be little.
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  • IDProGIDProG Posts: 158Member
    Heal is trash.

    1) Heal Zapped Minions and Goblins -> Still killed by 2-Cost Spells

    2) Heal anything else -> Healing is too small, barely changes any result.

    3) No burst heal

    4) Healing is too slow
    -> Often overwhelmed by enemy troop DPS
    -> Only affects the interaction against Crown Towers

    5) For the effect, the Heal is a trouble for the deck's 8-slot syndrome.
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