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[New Card Idea] a storm is coming with this Duo

D1NonlineD1Nonline Posts: 28Member
edited February 12 in Ideas & Feature Requests
2 new spirits in one card....they are the "Storm Spirits".... one had the ability of a Tornado and the other one is a the Fire spirits they have low health....the Gust spirit gathers all of the troops but only within a small radius...when gathered it will be followed by the Shock spirit....about 3 elixirs.
They say that Shock is the older than Gust.


  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,420Moderator
    edited February 17
    Might be abit underwhelming conceptlly and too side dependant (if their position is horizontal, which is splittable, unless if they spawn vertically but that would make them even weaker).

    However, i think it would be an interesting card if these spirits can still initiate their effects when killed, instead only at after jumping on their targets. As balancing, they should spawn vertically with the Gust Spirit at the front.
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