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[ONE AND ONLY] {Wall Breakers} Balance Discussion

NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Posts: 217Member
They rarely make contact with a tower and when they do the damage is minimal. I suggest that they do damage upon death to nearby enemies, OR they should have a 8% health buff to increase their contact rate on a tower.


  • GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 3,120Member
    No the health is fine. The problem with them is that when they connect, they stand still for a second and then they explode. Basically the Cannon Cart issue. So a better buff is to allow them to explode instantly when they connect.

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  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,356Moderator
    The damage isn't minimal, one bomb does more damage than a Hog Rider swing. The issue is it gets countered by everything except Ice Spirit and Sparky according to OJ's video. I agree with Giorgakis that the damage should be sooner, but not instantaneous. Find a happy medium between the balloon's instantaneous attack and the current wall breaker initial attack

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  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 624Member
    the health is alright, maybe a slight 3% buff. the problem is the initial attack. maybe a faster initial attack of 0.75 secs?
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  • JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 2,007Moderator
    IMO the biggest problem with this card is its rarity. Wallbreakers are LITERALLY tower targeting fire spirits, and that makes them epic? If at least they had something like death damage to justify the rarity...

    Anyway I’ll try use them with Royal Hogs, which seems to me like the best win con to oair them with, mainly because of the speed and split capability
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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,202Member
    They were rarely the best draft pick. They are easilyy stopped. More importantly they had no versatility... I would rather have a card that can be used for defense or offense. Other then very weak distraction, it has no purpose other then tower attack. But the thing is... for a card that serves one function, it doesn’t do it very well. I don’t see why they are a better pick then fire spirits which are cheaper, can be used to attack troops and attack faster.
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  • kitsune42kitsune42 Posts: 336Member
    I think they are too expensive with 3 elixir cost. It's hard to support them enough. And it's true the slow attack makes it possible to kill them in the very last second on the tower. This card is really underpowered. In a video I saw that they have death damage, they kill goblins but I don't guarantee that feature!

    It was strange and I am very happy about my challenge performance. I won 12 battles and had to press continue only once. It felt easy to win. I didn't chose the new card even if the alternative was to take Elite-Barbarians.
  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,437Moderator
    edited February 16
    Agreed with OP. Seems like the cost were mostly stuffed to their high damage upon connection. IMO a viable high risk high reward win con. must at least provide some defensive capabilities.
    However, by looking at the direction of Wall Breakers' design they won't be "drastically" changed any time soon.

    I'm unsure about giving them hp buffs or minimilize their risk to connect Towers. But i am sure that Wall Breakers should do this: Death Damage (when killed not suicidal). Not the usual Death Damage, but a Death Damage that only affects Buildings.

    I am aware that players will use them more as a meat shield than a win con. if they have the "usual" death damage. But if the death damage only affects Buildings, then it would be much more of a win con.

    This death damage should not be more than the suicidal damage, which is 400 in TS. I'm suggesting 200 (TS) with the radius of 1.5 tiles from the epicenter. This would make Wall Breakers both still as a high risk high reward card and an easy bonus card (like ice spirit or Heal).

    Edit: Also a niche spot for an EPIC card, we haven't got any cards that only deals damage to Buildings in area.
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