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[New Card Idea] Make way for the Scorcher???

D1NonlineD1Nonline Posts: 30Member
edited February 16 in Ideas & Feature Requests
The Scorcher from the Boom Beach makes it way to the arena.....but its minimize?.....the "Mini Scorcher".....doesn't have that original punch but it will burn down everything on its shoots its flames and has the range like the Hunter but its flames pass through all troops....has a low damage but has a continuous flame like the Inferno tower but its damage doesn't go up.....the flames will turn off when it has no enemy troop in his way then turn on again if reaches a new target but with a charge of 1 sec...has a health and speed like the Mini Pekka...can target both ground and air troops....about 5-6 elixirs i think.
Its the prototype for the Scorcher.


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