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JOIN SKRT SKRT 2.0!!!! :) you won't regret it!

aheelz9487aheelz9487 Posts: 1Member
HEY GUYS! Skrt Skrt 2.0 is a newer version of a previous successful clan we had and because we had to restart we currently have 10 members and are looking for more people to join the family and help us build back up from the bottom, which hopefully won't take that long! We’re really fun, loyal, and understanding people so while we want people to participate in wars and donations we aren’t going to be that strict about it as long as you try your best and participate in the war if you collect cards! Think about joining if this sounds like a cool environment for you and get hype!! :)
3,000+ trophies required!!! :)
Clan tag: #PYJQP9R2
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