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Healed Arena Challenge

this limited time challenge is when all damaged troops will get healed, even buildings and towers. this means that you need to kill troops quickly! poison would not work as well compared to the others. with the reworked heal, the difference won't be very big, so the concept is plausible. what do you guys think?
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  • NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Posts: 217Member
    Maybe if a healing vial would spawn from a random side of the river and float very slowly down it (in the case of electro valley, static flows instead), it has 1 hp and can be targeted by any troop targeting card, once the vial breaks a heal is cast on the whole arena only for the player who broke the healing vial.

    The arena would have a rectangle the size of the arena with a color of either red or blue indicating whether you or the enemy cast it.

    Lasts the same duration as heal but can also stack the effect with other heals.

    At overtime more healing vials will spawn down the river, and each healing vial moves slower than the slowest troop who is under the ice wizard slow effect, this way melee troops can't be distracted forever chasing the 1 healing vial.

    Also once a healing vial enters the middle of the river it stops moving and if another healing vial collides with it they both break resulting no heal for either player.
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