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[ONE AND ONLY] {Night Witch} Balance Discussion

patchmcqpatchmcq Posts: 3Member
I was playing Clash of Clans, attacking in my night village, when I realized something about the Night Witch. Her attacks are ranged. She summons bats, and uses ranged magic coming from her spear. Can't we update Clash Royale's Night Witch to do the same thing? I feel like having her as a melee attacker is pretty useless seeing as how fragile she is. Cmon Clash, there's so many beefy meta cards out right now, can't you buff the Night Witch by giving her ranged attack?
Night Witch Melee or Ranged
  1. Do you think the Night Witch should have6 votes
    1. Ranged attack like in Night Village Clash of Clans
    2. Melee ground target as is currently


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