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[Card Idea] Doom Spirits

IDProGIDProG Posts: 158Member
edited February 26 in Ideas & Feature Requests
Card Type: Troop
Troop Type: Ground
Rarity: Epic
Elixir Cost: 4
Level: 9

Hitpoints: 146
Damage: 1064
Crown Tower Damage: 426
Range: 2
Targets: Air & Ground
Speed: Very Fast
Spawn Time: 2sec
Count: 2

Card Description:
The Wizards have cursed these cute spirits with a deadly spell. The Doom Spirits deal immense damage to their targets. It is advised not to hug any of them. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.

General Explanation:
The Doom Spirits is a 4-Cost Epic card. It's like Fire Spirits, but they don't deal splash damage.

What do you think about this card? Is it OP? Is it UP?


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