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Infraction System Tweak and Clarification

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Note: The changes do not supersede or replace the old infraction system. There are still mild, medium, severe warnings worth 1, 2, and 3 points respectively, with 4 points a 5-day ban, 8 points a 10 day ban, and 10 points a permanent ban. Good behavior is still the same. The changes add on to the current system we have.

The mod team has discussed that there gets to a point where even one has too many "expired" warnings. They don't count for points, but they are still on a forumer's record. If a forumer keeps violating rules but spreads them out so they don't have 10 active infraction points, that is not a good sign.

Therefore, we have decided that if a forumer has 15 total infraction points (active and expired), they will receive a permanent ban. Having 10 total infraction points will be a 7-day temporary ban.

If anyone currently has 10-14 total infraction points, they will NOT be temporarily banned, until their next infraction received. Same for if someone currently has 15 total points--no perma ban until the next violation.

Now for the clarification: Its been kind of an unwritten rule, but receiving warning for a violation you already committed is automatically a more serious infraction. That's now an official rule (admittedly I was a bit inconsistent with this early on but not anymore) and it also applies for expired warnings too. For example, if you received a mild warning, but it has expired, then you get caught violating the same rule, that is a medium warning.

Please note that temporary bans are still disabled and that warnings must be manually expired by a mod. If you have warnings that are expired, please private message any of us staff so we can verify that it is expired.

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