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Playing with copy-pasters

PiklashuPiklashu Posts: 585Member
edited February 27 in RAGE!
Hey, look at me, I am an unoriginal player that can only play copying the most brainless deck in YouTube, and playing exact ly as the YouTubers yap at me too play.

Seriously, of you have to copy a deck, and play like a drone the exact same steps someone teaches how to do in YouTube, where is the joy of playing? This looks like a job, and a pretty much pedestrian one.

Put x,y,z cards in deck. Play hog. Then play the cheap cycle cards. If opponent drops a tank, put Canon, if opponent puts anything else, drop valk.

Rinse and repeat.

Yes, it works. But seriously, so does Bhaskara formula, or π.R² for the area of the circle.

It's boring, to play with and against it. It looks like working at a bureaucratic department: get a document, mark with the triangle stamp first, sign twice, then the round stamp, put in the red envelope, and file on the blue cabinet. Get next document, do the exact same. All day long....



  • IDProGIDProG Posts: 158Member
    I'm a Golem user and the Ice Spirit + Ice Golem ones are more annoying to me. They just distract my supports with Ice Golem, then kill them all with Tornado + Fireball, while accumulating Musketeer and Cannon.

    I can win the battles by Lightning the Cannon, Ice Golem, and Musketeer together, leaving them defenseless, or by Wizard + Tornado combo to move Ice Golem to the Musketeer, while separating my supports and forcing them to use Fireball on my "bait support" by using Poison on their Arena.
  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,356Moderator
    While I agree that copy-pasters contributing to the lack of deck diversity is one of the top 3 issues in the game (economy and progression are the others), calling them mentally retarded is going way too far. If they feel that it's the best deck that they can win with, can't really stop them. Closing this thread

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