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Abger13Abger13 Posts: 13Member
edited March 1 in Strategy & Deck Building
Hi guys,

Today for the Retro Royale Challenge (which is a deck builder challenge with the first 52 cards in the game) I created this deck:

Pekka - Witch - Baby Dragon - Lightning - Mini Pekka - Zap - Ballon - Minions

The deck sounds good to me because It is similar to mine, but the only problem is that this deck is 4.5 ELIXIR while mine ladder deck is 4.1 Elixir... So what do you think guys, should I play with this 4.5 elixir deck in the challenge or should I switch any of the cards in the deck in order to improve my elixir trade ?

(My ladder deck is Pekka,Witch,Flying Machine,Lightning,Bandit,The Log,Battle Ram,Bats)

Thanks in advance !


  • IDProGIDProG Posts: 158Member
    In my opinion, it's a not good deck.

    1. What's the point of Mini PEKKA when you have PEKKA? Or vice-versa?

    2. PEKKA doesn't synergize well with Balloon. Why? Because: One, PEKKA doesn't kill Balloon counters. From flying troops like Minions to ranged troops like Musketeer, none gets killed by her. Two, PEKKA doesn't do well in tanking the damage either. Giant has similar Hitpoints and is 2 Elixir cheaper, while Golem is only 1 Elixir more, has many more Hitpoints, provides a one-time protection from swarms (explosion), and has a wide hit box, meaning that it does a better job at covering Balloon hit box so that enemies will be harder to target the Balloon.

    3. No high damage ranged troop. Using one instead of Lightning will help reduce average Elixir cost and help against Lavaloon decks.

    4. Your troops (aside from Balloon, which synergizes badly with your deck) are easily distracted.

    5. No solid air defense, especially against Beatdown pushes. Minions are easily killed by Zap (then finished by the support troops), Arrows, Poison, or Fireball.

  • Abger13Abger13 Posts: 13Member
    Then what is your advice? What to change in the deck in order to be good ?

    Thanks very much for the advice
  • IDProGIDProG Posts: 158Member
    Try these:

    1. If you insist on using PEKKA and Balloon together, they synergize quite well with Poison. Use that instead of Mini PEKKA.

    2. If you don't, then you may change either PEKKA or Balloon.

    If you change PEKKA, try Inferno Tower. It's a solid defense building that crushes Giants, PEKKAs, Giant Skeletons, Balloons, Lava Hounds, Hog Riders, Golems, and all semi-tanks. With Inferno Tower in your deck, you can worry about them much less. Then, change Lightning to Fireball. It would do better against Minion Hordes, while still being good against glass cannons like Wizard and Musketeer (with Zap). After that, since there is no PEKKA, you don't need Witch. You can change that with a swarm to block strong single hitter (in case they attempt to brute force through your Inferno Tower or there are Princes) like Guards or Skeleton Army (I recommend Guards because it is harder to be killed, even with Poison). Finally, change Mini PEKKA to Valkyrie or Giant or Lava Hound. They serve different purposes, but any one of them will work just fine.

    If you change Balloon, change it with Poison. Then, change Mini PEKKA to Hog Rider to help destroy any buildings that try to distract her, or just deploy him at the other lane to distract enemies when you counterpush with PEKKA. You can change Lightning to either Prince or Dark Prince or Musketeer or Ice Wizard (either one should work fine).

    This is my opinion.
  • singhsoniya4novsinghsoniya4nov Posts: 1Member
    I've been playing pekka-Mini Pekka-Mirror (my only overleveled card is poison) repeatedly recently just for the theme play. So fun when suddenly they mess up on their defense and you smite down their king tower.

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