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[Card Idea] Troglodyte

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Card Type: Troop
Troop Type: Ground
Rarity: Legendary
Elixir Cost: 6
Level: 9

Hitpoints: 1920
Damage: 320
Damage Per Second: 183
Hit Speed: 1.75sec
Charge Damage: 640
Range: Melee
Target: Ground
Speed: Slow
Weight: Medium

Card Description:
The Troglodyte comes to you with a headbutt! He covers himself with water while charging, shielding him from any damage and dealing area damage to all who he hits. Who knows water is this useful?

General Explanation:
The Troglodyte is a 6-Cost Legendary card. He has a charging phase, similar to the Princes. He has a 1.2sec initial attack time.

Charging Phases:
Phase 1: Troglodyte walks normally with slow speed. He attacks normally with normal initial attack. This phase has a period of 2sec.

Phase 2: Troglodyte speeds up, now moving in medium speed. If he hits an enemy while in this phase, he deals normal damage, but it has no initial attack (just like Prince's charge attack has no initial attack time) and deals area damage with 1-tile radius. This phase has a period of 2sec. After hitting an enemy or get stopped (by stun, freeze, snare, or knockback), Troglodyte will return to Phase 1.

Phase 3: Troglodyte speeds up even further, now moving in fast (not very fast) speed. This time, he covers himself with water while charging. While covered with water, Troglodyte is immune to all damage, but he can still be targeted by enemies and the damage increasing phase still can still initiate (Inferno Tower's damage phase increase is still initiated, so when Troglodyte stops his Phase 3 (meaning that he no longer gets covered in water), he will start taking damage at a higher damage phase from the Inferno Tower). While he's immune to all damage, his movement can still be interupted by stuns, freezes, snares, knockbacks, and can still be slowed down by slows. When Troglodyte hits an enemy in this phase, he will deal charge damage, deal area damage (with 1.5-tile radius), and have a 360 knockback with the knockback power of Fireball. After he hits the target or gets interupted, he will return to Phase 1 and lose his water shield.

Some cases for Phase 3:
1. If you deploy Mega Knight on top of a charging Troglodyte, MK will deal no damage, but will still knock Troglodyte back. The Troglodyte will deal charge damage to MK.
2. If Mega Knight jumps to a charging Troglodyte, since Troglodyte is moving, he will arrive to MK first before MK lands, dealing full charge damage. But, since Troglodyte hits first, MK's jump will deal charge damage and knocks Troglodyte back.
3. If a charging Troglodyte clashes with a dashing Bandit, both will stop their charge and take zero damage.

What do you think about this card? Is it OP? Is it UP? Do you have any questions?


  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,437Moderator
    This mechanics and concept of this card is very well thought. However, it might be a poor-wise choice for game design.

    As you might see, we had alot of cards that benefits distance for larger impact. And most of them are bulky and strong. As example: Prince, Ram Rider, Battle Ram, Golem, Goblin Giant, etc.

    Sure, Troglodyte is unique. It's a larger ram force that isn't spammable and needs more buildup. But by the end of the day, it's just Beatdown. Not saying that this card is bad, but this isn't a card that should be introduced right now.

    As for balancing, you did a good job. The way this card works is amazingly under control.
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