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Are there any Clan Kickers?

GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 3,120Member
In CoC there are a lot of players that ask for a promotion to Co Leader... or even further to Leader, and then they kick the entire Clan (or at least those that they can kick). Is there anything simialr in CR?

Personally this have never happened to me in CR. Other wise this post would be extremely toxic.

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  • PiklashuPiklashu Posts: 585Member
    edited March 4
    We got one. He asked to get Co leader. When he saw he wasn't going past elder he kicked a member then said fuck u all and left.

    Probably because elders can only kick one every half hour
  • kitsune42kitsune42 Posts: 336Member
    We only had this problem once at the beginning of our clan. It was very frustrating to lose players and to have to rebuild the clan.
    Now the player base is very stable. They are very loyal to the clan. Because of our name we don't get much new players and we are only in gold league. That's also frustrating that nobody likes to join!!!!
  • ShaggsShaggs Posts: 552Member
    Had an issue early on.... created a policy that we no longer promote above member.... we are now 40+ strong and doing great 2 years later.
  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,356Moderator
    Shaggs wrote: »
    Had an issue early on.... created a policy that we no longer promote above member.... we are now 40+ strong and doing great 2 years later.

    So it's just one leader and the rest are members?

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  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 624Member
    that is what he means, probably
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  • ShaggsShaggs Posts: 552Member
    edited March 6
    We have 1 leader, 1 co-leader (me), and 3 elders..... We all know each other in real life.... about 50% of the clan is people we know in real life out of 40 + members....

    When someone asks to be promoted, I have a standard response....
    " There is a $20 non-refundable application fee... process time is between 2 weeks to 1 year"
  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 739Member
    Promote everyone to coleader and everyone is safe, because a coleader cannot kick other coleaders.
  • kitsune42kitsune42 Posts: 336Member
    For Clan War you need some Co-Leaders to be able to start it always.
    Unfortunately the real life friends get lazy and don't play that much any more so there are most players unknown. But it works fine with some of them being Co-Leader too.
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