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University of Supercell

micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 738Member
3 years time spent on the same area of study, it is enough effort to complete a university degree. What if it is true that there is a University of Supercell?

Faculty of Clash Royale

Our faculty strives to nurture first-class gaming talents and to foster both academic and applied research to serve the needs of the world of Clash Royale in the fast-changing global economy.
We engage leading scholars from the world to instil students with global knowledge, and bring a wide range of degree programmes that suit gaming needs.
We put together the strengths of global excellence, and integrate learning and research on all levels of our professional programmes.

Programs offered by the faculty
Bachelor of Science - Clash Royale (BSc - CR)

Year 1 for 0-2999 credit
CR1001 Introduction to the Arena
CR1101 Introductory Deck Buildology
CR1102 Introductory Beatdown
CR1103 Introductory Control
CR1104 Introductory Siege
CR1201 Emotenetics
OJ1001 Principles of Positive Elixir Trade
OJ1002 Essential Techniques in Card Placement

Year 2 for 3000-3999 credit
CR2001 Introduction to Challenge
CR2001 Introduction to Special Game Modes
CR2101 Advanced Deck Buildology
CR2102 Advanced Beatdown
CR2103 Advanced Control
CR2104 Advanced Siege
OJ2001 Legendary and Gemology
OJ2002 Youtubing

Year 3 for 4000-4899 credit
CR3001 Introduction to Clan War
CR3101 Max Portfolio Management
CR3102 Tilt Management
CR3103 Economics of Meta
CR3201 Over Levelling Analytics
CR3202 Card Balance Modeling
CR3203 Theory of Rigged matchmaking
CR3204 Theory of Broken Game

3 year achievement badge will be awarded for students who completed the 3 year course of the undergraduate degree.


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    There should also be a good management subject, players must learn to not just upgrade 1 deck
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    I like underused stuff...
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    The thesis would be about creating a new and entirely different archetype.
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    Moving it to Off-Topic.

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