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An Ananlysis of Movement Speed

GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 3,120Member
There are quite a lot of speeds in the game. Today I will list the Movement speed of each card.

There are 3 types of Movement Speed that we are going to analyse. Those are:

Troop Speed
Launched Spell Speed
Projectile Speed

The first one is significantly slower than the other two, so those will appear at the start since I will start with the lowest.

Each card have their speed in meters per minute (or m/min), but I prefer them in meters per second (or m/s) because they can be applied in more situations, plus the math to calculate time that it takes to travel to multiple times is way easier. Also for simplicity the letter 'u' that I will use refers to the speed itself. So let's begin.

The first one are the troops that are part of the 'Slow' speed tier. This includes the Golemite. They have a speed of 0.75 meters per second.

Next we have the 'Medium' speed tier. This tier also includes Rascal Boy, Rascal Girl and Lava Pup. All of these troops have a speed of 1 m/s. A pretty standart number.

The third tier, the 'Fast' tier has a u of 1.5 m/s. Quite a high increase from the last one.

This is last tier of troop speed, the 'Very Fast' tier. Those troops have a u of 2 m/s. They are twice as fast as the 'Medium' tier.

Now we start with spell and projectile speed. This entry is actually owned by a projectile, the slowest to be exact. This is the Bowler's projectile with a u of 2.8(3) m/s.

The first spell entry come here with that being a tie between Log and Barbarian Barrel with a 3.(3) m/s speed.

Then the Mortar's projectile comes into play with a u of 5 m/s.

In this entry we have none other than the one and only Rocket, clocking with a u of 5.8(3) m/s

Then this entry belongs to a three way tie between a spell and two projectiles. That spell is the Goblin Barrel and the two projectiles belong to the Bomber and the Lava Hound. Those three all have the same speed, which is 6.(6) which are double of that of Log.

The Princess' projectile is then the only one with a speed of 7.5 m/s

And now this tier has a four way tie between the projectiles of Spear Goblin, Baby Dragon, Bomb Tower and Lava Pup with their u being 8.(3) m/s

And then this tier has the projectile speed of two cards that are pretty indentical those being Hunter and Executioner. Their projectiles have a u of 9.1(6) m/s

And this is the iconic 10 m/s speed tier which belongs to 5 projectiles and 1 spell. The spell is Fireball and the projectiles belong to Princess Tower, Archer, Wizard, Witch and Ram Rider (her Snare ability counts as a projectile). Those are 5 times as fast as the Very Fast troops.

And now this tier is pretty interesting. The Miner digs faster than he walks. And apparently that u is 10.8(3) which is over 7 times faster than his walking speed.

Fastforwarding here, the Ice Wizard's projectile has a u of 11.(6) m/s.

And this is the last time we see spells here. Those spells are Giant Snowball and Arrows. Also surprisingly, the Rascal Girl's and the Dart Goblin's projectiles has the same speed as those two spells. And that speed is 13.(3) m/s

And oh man, this tier is huge. There are a total of 8 projectiles that qualify to this tier. And those projectiles belong to King Tower, Musketeer, Royal Giant, Cannon, Cannon Cart, Minion, Mega Minion and Magic Archer. All of them have the same u of 16.(6) m/s.

And finally, the time has come for the fastest projectiles out there. The X-Bow and the Sparky have the fastest projectiles with the amazing speed of 23.(3) meters per second. Congratulations to their slow owners

And that finishes the analysis. Leave some posts below.

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  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 738Member
    Amazing. How do you get these numbers? Is 1 meter = 1 tile?
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