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Past Token Trades

A button that features past token trades in clan. Show maybe what cards trade the most in each rarity so you know what to give so you get a faster trade. Even a search button to see which people in your clan need a card or they have it in their deck.


  • NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Posts: 217Member
    I agree that there should be an easier way to communicate what you have and need in your clan. I also feel there should be alliances that you can form with another clan to open up trading cards with then without having to abandon your clan.
  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,437Moderator
    I also agree with this idea.

    Communicating for trades is abit tiring to do and bad for casual clan chats. With this idea, hopefully it can significantly decrease the chats needed for trades and also make us easier to clarify what (most) our clan needs.
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  • NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Posts: 217Member
    Additionally there should be a sort chat button, sort by chat only, sort by trades/card requests only, or both.
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