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Trying to create a successful clan that can enjoy waring and benefiting from each other. (#Y2JVVGLU)

linkin323linkin323 Posts: 1Member
edited March 12 in Clan Chat
Hey guys, I’m trying to create the best clan possible and create a great environment to war in and constantly be donating. I’m very active and will promote people based on activity and personality so it will be easy to be promoted. Also the clan is named Blue Slide Park so that’s a plus as well! The Clan is open right now to anyone to get the starting members so we can slowly get more people but it will close eventually. So come hangout and improve a great clan.


  • Legendary_PPCQ2JCVLegendary_PPCQ2JCV Posts: 32Member
    Hey linkin323,

    We are also looking for Clan War players who are serious and active on Discord. If recruiting becomes too hard for you, then just merge with us! You can introduce yourself here:!

    We'd love to get to know you and work something out!

    legendary clan #PPCQ2JCV
    legendary Clash Royale clan
    Clan War POWERHOUSE looking for active Discord players:
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