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(4300) Squad 4419 #9VRPV9UL NOW RECRUITING!! Cash Rewards, Constant War!

dredd990dredd990 Posts: 4Member
Squad 4419 is a competitive legendary clan with 4401 war trophies, with our members having a PB of between 4.3k to 5.2k.

We have been a top 100 North America, every season since it was founded.

We are currently rebuilding our clan and looking for high talent, high-level players to help us in our new vision and be part of our family.

For full details and rules, please join our Discord and hit the tournament tab.


PB of 4.3k or higher.

40% of cards Gold or Legendary.

Must have and use Discord!!

Practice before every war.


Constant war, when one ends, another begins.

1st in war every season

Active clan chat activity.

15k+ Donations/wk.

Extremely active discord server that offers deck and strategy coaching, trading, constant tournaments with rewards and more.

Cash rewards for tournaments

Friendly, Respectful, no drama with lively clean chat.

Helpful, positive, encouraging clan that works together & practices for war decks before battle.


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