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My balance change wish list

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Preface- I have 2 accts, one with a high above 4300 and the other hit a pb of 5k. So I’m very familiar with ladder at the toilet (just above 4k) and above. I also play a lot of challenges and tourneys. So I think I’m really familiar with whats being played on and off ladder.

I won’t always give specifics because I don’t pretend to know the degree of tweaking to fix.

My changes are based on winrates and/or use rates.

pekka- over a year ago a thread was started about Pekka’s need for a nerf. In october of last year SC commented about 3M’s and Pekkas dominance. Nithing has happened to Pekka since. Meanwhile;

in classic challenges it is the #1 win condition, #11 most used card being seen 1 out of every 5 decks.

In grand challenges it is the #2 win con after miner.

Out of decks used in any challenges with the highest winrate, 4 out of 10 are pekka.

On ladder it is in the top 5 most used win con. In arena 13 it is the second most used win con after hog.

Meganight- around 1 in 8 of all decks played on ladder are megaknight. In arenas 11 and 12 it averages better then a 25% use rate. On top of that it has risen to dominance in challenges. In grand challenges while it is only used in about 8% of all decks, it has the highest win rate of any wincon. A nerf is in order.

Balloon- lavahound decks are in the top performing decks on both ladder and in challenges. Whether you are looking at ladder or challenges, when you look at top decks what 20-30% of them have in common is the balloon.

I would suggest slowing down its initial attack or reducing its damage.

Wall breakers- currently a relatively useless and unused card. Buff.

Archers- low use and win rates. Slight health buff to allow an extra shot.

Ice wiz- slight buff due to its low win and use rate.

Stab gobs- underperforming card. I would buff slightly while slowing down gob barrel which performs well.

Thats my hopes for april. Though if I could have only 1 change it would be a pekka nerf. I am tired of the pekka metas that have been pervasive for at least a year.

PS- I wanted to add, I think the game has been reverting back to dominance of direct damage spells. I think the use and win rates of lightning are too high. And I woukd nerf rocket as another card which is mostky (in my experience) just used for direct tower damage.
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