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What can I do appart from supercell games fanart?

JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 2,018Moderator
I don’t care if anybody has ever asked this, just wanted to share the rest of my works not related with supercell games :crsmirk:

First of all, before getting my new ipad the only doodles I used to make appart from your requests was just random doodles in college notebooks, nothing impressive.
However, after having access to digital doodling with the ipad, I started doodling more variety (not too much since I got it since last Christmas).

Sooo, about other games not related to SC, the only thing I made was this background for a college poster:


Now, if we talk about my own creations, I have these three things:

Viscous dude






Nothing more to share by now, hope you liked it.
Forum Moderator and hobbyish doodler
I like underused stuff...


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