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Card Balance Suggestions (March 2019)

Damien4794Damien4794 Posts: 88Member
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Hey everyone! Tomorrow marks my 3rd anniversary of playing Clash Royale. I must say that Clash Royale is and will always be the best game I have ever played, even as Brawl Stars starts to steal the spotlight away from Clash Royale. The changes below focus on bringing off-meta cards back into the meta as counters to existing meta cards, as well as on two most problematic decks in the game, Royal Giant and P.E.K.K.A bridge-spam. As always, please do leave some feedback on how I can improve for next month!

Witch: Damage +10%
Witch’s win rates are universally low across all game modes, even as a few remain loyal and unwilling to deviate from their leveled cards. As Barbarians rise, so does its counters – air troops such as Baby Dragon and Mega Minion have become more and more of a necessity. This buff aims to reintroduce another viable counter to Barbarians as well as rein in the air troops, all while bringing this off-meta card back into the meta. After this change, Witch will kill Barbarians in one less hit, in addition to three-shotting Princess, Rascals and Dart Goblin.

Elite Barbarians: Speed Very Fast → Fast, damage +2.5%, hit speed 1.5sec → 1.4sec
The main problem with Elite Barbarians is its low skill cap and limited potential for high-skill uses, making it an unpopular choice among pro players. Thus in order to raise the skill cap of the card, its role has to be changed from a bridge-spamming to a counter-pushing, by reducing its speed and increasing its DPS significantly. The magnitude of the damage increase, of course, has to be further playtested and refined before the change rolls out in order to avert disastrous consequences.

Royal Giant: Damage -4%
One particular Royal Giant deck is becoming ever more popular by the day (Royal Giant, Baby Dragon, Furnace, Electro Wizard, Guards, Lightning, Mega Minion, Barbarian Barrel) to the point where it has virtually become known as the Royal Giant deck. As a result, Barbarians as well as the eccentric Lava-Clone deck have risen up the ranks as counters to this particular deck, which is an unusual phenomenon caused by the power of this deck. Thus, even though the major rework of Royal Giant did exceed expectations, further tweaks such as this will be needed to fine-tune the card.

Rage: Duration fixed at 8sec, no longer increases hit speed but increases hit damage instead according to level (also affects Lumberjack)
After the Freeze rework, Rage is the only card left with a duration scaling with level, which the team has expressed its dislike for. My idea of a Rage rework revolves around increasing damage per hit according to level, which has been greatly simplified with the rolling out of standardised card levels. In addition, the moving of this card up to Arena 10 (from 3) has also allowed greater room for added mechanical complexity. After this change, an enraged unit will deal the damage per hit of the same unit 3 levels (=33%) higher than the Rage (hitpoints remain the same). For example, a level 9 Rage will make a pair of Elite Barbarians (regardless of their level) deal the damage of level 12 Elite Barbarians per hit. The fixed duration should be further refined by playtesting in such a way that it remains as a meta-fringe card (but not completely dead) in competitive-level play, just like Freeze.

Lightning: Radius 3.5 → 3
Lightning’s win rate is at an all time high and this is believed to have caused most Fireballies to drop off the meta. The same radius reduction has been undertaken before and this change could hopefully pave the way for Wizard and Witch to return to competitive play. Lightning is also one of the cards in the Royal Giant deck and this change could disrupt the synergy of that deck a bit.

Electro Wizard: Damage -6%
Bandit: Dash cooldown +0.1sec

Perhaps another one of the reasons for the rise of the Royal Giant deck is the prevalence of the P.E.K.K.A Ram bridge-spam deck which it has a favourable matchup against. Two of the cards in the deck are Electro Wizard and Bandit, which are consistently having above-average win rates in all game modes. Therefore, the primary aim of these changes will be to dismantle the P.E.K.K.A bridge-spam deck and encourage more deck diversity in the archetype. After the change, Electro Wizard will no longer one-shot Fire Spirits if he is attacking two units simultaneously.

Additional changes to be considered beyond April:

Three Musketeers: Cost 10 → 9
Supercell (Seth specifically) has set out their plan for the card to come back into the meta once new counters are introduced, hopefully before the end of the year. They have also expressed that a 10 Elixir Three Musketeers is not ideal and they plan to revert the cost back to 9 sometime in the future.

Heal: Healing rate +8%
One of Heal’s principal synergies is with Three Musketeers so its place in the meta could be affected by the presence of Three Musketeers. We can also all agree that Heal should be a meta-fringe card as it can be frustrating to play against, but then again I have no prior experience with Heal so the actual percentage would almost certainly have to be adjusted based on playtesting and the needs of the metagame at that time.

Next analysis: 19 Apr 2019

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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,208Member
    I actually think the witch is a decent card. I also don’t think they can buff witch because its use is strong in the mid and lower arenas. Except for arena 13 its use rate is in the top 50% of all cards.

    I and others have said this a number of times.,. You can’t fix ebarbs without changing the rarity. If you imorove them then you have a meta like when they were at their worst... a huge increase in what people already hate: legions of overleveled ebarb players. Unfortunately It will never happen.

    RG- agree it needs a nerf of some sort,

    I’m indifferent about rage. Never used it. Don’t see it enough to have much of an opinion,

    Lightning- yes please. Nerf away

    I don’t agree about ewiz. But I do agree pekka decks are way overdue. But the ewiz isn’t the problem. I would prefer to nerf both of the other two you mentioned first; bandit and pekka.

    Heal was just buffed. Theres so many more cards that I would prioritize before nerf.
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