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⚔️ [5200][4900][4600][3600] ⚔️ | 3 Crown Family | 6.5K War Trophies |Need War focused players

3C_Coleslaw3C_Coleslaw Posts: 25Member
edited June 12 in Clan Chat
At 3 Crown, we are always looking for talented and active members to join our ranks. Currently, we have 3 clans up and running targeting the more experienced players and 1 clan for more casual players.

If you are looking for a friendly but competitive community then the 3 Crown family is the place for you.

We run B2B wars but participation isn't mandatory in every one of them although we ask you to be active and contribute to the clan.

⚔️ 3 Crown N’ Down [5200] - 6,703 War Trophies

⚔️ 3 Crown Bravo [4900] - 3,340 War Trophies

⚔️ 3 Crown Charlie [4600] - 3,069 War Trophies

⚔️ 3 Crown Delta [3600] - 665 War Trophies

War Trophies as of 6/12/19

Clan Stats:



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