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Mega Knight Ability

The mega knight is a needed card and doesn’t work well anymore. I don’t think the hero idea works out, but abilities might work (either for legendary only or specific cards) for example, the mega knights ability would make it jump one time on request. The jumps are what make mega knight so good, the addition of one extra jump might help fix the card without buffing his power.
ewiz, inferno drag bandit, princess, ice wiz all work well on their own and adding activation abilities would be too broken. This could maybe work with lava hound though, maybe tankier cards with 6+ elixir would be the only ones with perks.
It would be cool to see abilities added, though I personally like the idea of having one hero to use in addition to your deck too.
Clash Royale special ability vs. hero
  1. Which would balance gameplay better and add the most interesting content to the game?3 votes
    1. Special abilities
    2. Heroes


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