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Why is Clash Royale so Rage-Igniting?

IDProGIDProG Posts: 158Member
I don't understand.

I play many other competitive games, like Hearthstone and MOBA games. I lose my shit sometimes, but never at the level of playing Clash Royale.

Someone even literally bothered creating an account here, just to rage.

Something I don't know is inducing people's inner rage while playing this game.

Can anybody "explain" what that is and why this game is so rage-triggering?


  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 758Member
    I think everyone rage for different reasons. I rage sometimes, and for me, it is because of the mentality of “I should have got this”.

    I often feel like I should be able to reach certain trophy range or certain challenge wins, when I do not reach it because of misplay or bad luck, I would be very mad after repeatedly failing.
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