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10 Cards I'd Like to See Some Changes of (May 2019)

IDProGIDProG Posts: 158Member
edited April 15 in Card Balance Discussion
It's 15 days after the update, that means it's time for another 10 Cards I'd Like to See Some Changes of!

Before I start,
Credits go to Stats Royale and Royale API for providing the stats that I needed for this list.

1) Arrows : Increase Damage by 18% (to 287 from 243)
This would make Arrows more worth for 3 Elixir, since Arrows' problem is that the damage is rivaled by The Log and Barbarian Barrel.

2) Archers : Increase Damage by 4% (to 92 from 89)
This would buff them, making them able to OHKO Fire Spirits, 2HKO Lava Pups, and giving the card a uniqueness (high DPS) compared to the other ranged 3-Cost cards (Bomber: Splash, Dart Goblin: Very long range)

3) Miner : Reduce Crown Tower Damage to 35% (from 40%) (to 56 from 64)
Miner is highly used, with more than 30% use rate in some occasions. Miner deals high, almost guaranteed damage to the Tower for the cost, while being very hard to counter, unlike Goblin Barrel. Also, unlike Goblin Barrel, Miner can be used as a solid distraction for a push, since Miner cannot be countered by just a single spell, and Miner deals just as hard as Goblin Barrel if ignored.

4) Baby Dragon : Reduce Hit Speed to 1.6sec (from 1.5sec)
Many people said that Baby Dragon's problem was its Hitpoints, which is not true. PEKKA Ram Rider and Golem NW decks are powerful not because Baby Dragon is bulky, but because Baby Dragon attacks and clears swarms quick, making PEKKA and Golem much harder to counter.
This change would make Baby Dragon harder to deal with swarms, making it more of a semi tank and less of a damage dealer.

5) Mega Minion : Reduce Damage by 4% (to 248 from 258)
I think the last change is not enough, shown by the use rate still being very high. With use rate surpassing 30%, Mega Minion needs another nerf.
Sure, the balance of a card is determined by its win rate, but extremely high use rate must also mean something. Arguably, the best way to determine a card's balance is to look at Challenges, where levels don't matter. However, it's not a good idea to look at a card's win rate from Challenges, since the card can win up to 12 times and will only lose up to 3 times, so in my opinion, use rate should be looked instead.
With this change, Mega Minion could no longer OHKO Archers, 2HKO Flying Machine, and 3HKO Night Witch.

6) Rascals : Reduce Damage (The Boy and the Girls) by 4% (to 106 from 110)
Rascals is so powerful, consisting of a bulkier Knight and more powerful Archers, at a reduced Elixir Cost.
Rascals is a so-versatile card, capable of dealing high damage to a single unit, clearing swarms fast with the girls' high attack speed, tank equally high damage, and stall troops long enough, not to mention that they're very good at baiting The Log. With this change, they would not be able to OHKO a Spear Goblin, reducing their versatility a little bit.

7) Ice Golem : Reduce Hitpoints by 5% (to 944 from 994)
Ice Golem, the core of cycle decks, what makes them so powerful. It is thick, like, REALLY thick, especially for its cost, with its almost 500 Hitpoints/Elixir (even more than Knight and Valkyrie). Ice Golem is very useful for quick tank, while being very hard to kill for the Cost. Its use rate is also very high. Cycle decks are so powerful because Ice Golem can hold troops long enough for the users to deal huge damage with troops + towers and cycle their cards. The change in Hitpoints would change SO MANY interactions, like with Barbarians, Goblins, Witches, Electro Dragons, Electro Wizards, Guards, Princes, even Crown Towers.

8) Royal Recruits : Increase Hit Speed to 1.2sec (from 1.3sec)
Come on, guys, let's show Royal Recruits some love. Nobody even dares to play it at ladder. Let's make the meta more diverse with the viabililty of Royal Recruits.

9) Dark Prince : Increase Splash Radius to 1.5 tile (from 1 tile)
Dark Prince's job is to deal with swarms, which he currently is bad at. Furthermore, Mega Knight and Valkyrie do pretty much all that Dark Prince does. Increasing his splash radius, hopefully, would make Dark Prince more viable.

10) Giant Snowball : Reduce Damage by 24% (to 121 from 159)
Snowball is simply superior to Zap in everything except retargeting. It needs to be nerfed, but I don't really know the proper way to nerf it, so think of this change as just an attempt to reduce its win rate. This would make people think twice before using it as a replacement for Zap.

The cards at this section either:
(1) Need some changes, but not as much as the cards at the main list
(2) Were considered to be in the list, but ended up not in it, because of reasons.

I'm not sure why Supercell decided to nerf her that way, because it barely changed any interactions. The only interaction changes that I noticed were with Mega Minion and Minions. As the result, Bandit is still powerful. I won't give my balance changes, but I just want her to be nerfed a little bit more.

Her use and win rate is very high in Challenges. I think she needs a little nerf, but I'm not including her in the main list because nerfing her means nerfing 3M as well.

Barbarians, Barbarian Hut, and Barbarian Barrel
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Supercell once said that they won't buff Barbarian Hut until they can balance Barbarians and Barbarian Barrel. So, that's that. I hope the nerf would be a reduction in Hit Speed to 1.3sec (from 1.2sec).

Fire Spirits and Furnace
Fire Spirits is very weak now. It needs a buff. However, the Furnace doesn't, so it's a bit hard to do.

Some people complain that she is too strong. However, the stats show otherwise. Like Golem, she is not OP. What makes her so hard to counter is that there are so many cards to kill her counters, like Poison, Baby Dragon, Zap. Some of them are the ones that need to be balanced.

Bats and Night Witch
Bats is quite strong in the game, at least according to the stats. Yes, you can Zap them, but, if that solves the problem, Bats' use and win rate would not be so high. I'm actually thinking about buffing the Hit Speed to 1sec (from 1.1sec), then make them 4 again instead of 5. This would nerf Bats, while at the same time, buff Night Witch a bit. I decided not to include this in my main list because in my opinion, the cards at the list need the changes more.
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