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[4300] Kings Gone Loco | Top 200 NA Ladder / Clan Wars | Kings Gone Mad/Bad/Loco/Wild

KIPLiN88KIPLiN88 Posts: 1Member
Hi folks,

We are recruiting for our clan family from 3k trophies (Kings Gone Bad, #2LYPG9G0), 4k trophies (Kings Gone Mad, #2JQCYGGC), to our top feeder clan (Kings Gone Loco, 4300 trophies, #2YPQ2QL8) who ultimately may promote you into our top 7k+ legendary trophies clan Kings Gone Wild. We are looking for friendly, active, mature players who enjoy having fun and participating with the clan. We help train you, create decks and fine tune your play style so you can enjoy success and be move up the competitive ranks.

We ask that you do not repeatedly miss our clan wars and certainly do not collect and then not war. Other than that, have fun and see you there!
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